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Kama Sutra - The Secrets Behind The Kama Sutra - Antarvasna

Antarvasna is about the inner desires and its fulfilment. It these inner desires that every one wants to fulfil but often these very antarvasna or inner desires are often left on the back burner. Hence Vatsyana wrote the book called Kamasutra. It is solely worded in such a way that it brings your inner desires to the forefront of fulfilment. Now when we think about The Kama Sutra, we tend to think of a book entailed several different sexual positions used to enhance overall sexual pleasure, but is all there is to it?

A Guide To Relationships And Life

The Kama Sutra was designed in India many centuries ago and contains information not only about sexual enhancements, but about relationships, marriage and life. Western civilization first became enthralled by its complexity mainly in the area of sexual intercourse and as a result proceeded to extend upon the information in this area.
Nowadays we see a lot of information claiming to be relevant to the Kama Sutra, however the majority of readings out there contain very little information related to this ancient script. When we think of The Kama Sutra we have to try and understand the reasoning behind it.

Why It Was Designed - For Anatarvasna

The Kama Sutra was designed as a means of bringing two people together in an arranged marriage to increase the emotional level of the relationship. This would then cause fewer complications in other areas of life and a peaceful marriage could then be ascertained.
There are a lot of texts out there that contain information not just about sexual positions and the like, but also about increasing the amount of love you and your partner are able to share in your relationship. These are the readings that you should try and stick too.

Sexual Positions of The Kama Sutra for Antarvasna 

Now people are incredibly attracted to the variety of sexual positions inside The Kama Sutra, and why not? They are a great way to increase the amount of pleasure not just in the bed, but also reflecting in everyday life. A little extra excitement in the bedroom can do wonders for a persons self esteem!

There are many types of positions that The Kama Sutra conforms to such as - Anjou Style, The Twining of a Creeper, The embrace of the thighs, The embrace of the breasts and many more. It's pointless trying to describe each one of these positions individually so if you plan to try a couple out, it's probably best to by one of the many books out there on sexual positions of The Kama Sutra.

Try to remember one thing when it comes to this small piece of The Kama Sutra - what level of emotional commitment do you and your partner share? The physical nature of sexual intercourse can only take you so far in terms of the amount of pleasure you will receive. A strong emotional attachment can create a unbelievable sense of euphoria that I promise you won't see coming!

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